Younger generation reflects the future of a nation.  Talking about startup sector is same.  They set course to the future economy.  Startup industry during the last one decade has created enormous wealth globally.  Besides, pecuniary wealth, startup sector has brought huge innovation through disruption, created big employment, invigorated the economy and spirited up the market mood.  Surprisingly, all this contribution has been made only by 10-20% of the startups that sprouted during the period.  It is like 20% of startups created 80% of wealth.  The 80% of startups have seen failure in some or other way.

Incompetence, unbalanced experience or lack of managerial experience, lack of experience in line of goods or services have been some of the reasons for Startups failure.

Mr. Bharat Reddy, the Founder Director and a serial entrepreneur of Thetawave Services Pvt. Ltd with active support of Thetawave’s distinguished advisory board is committed to extend viable offerings to mitigate risks in startups and to improve their viability.  In order to achieve this, a dedicated team of 15 members from technology, analytics, market research and management has been formed to create an ecosystem that spirit up entrepreneurs with enduring business support in terms of business model validation, market intelligence, mentoring and funding.