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Gain the Inspiration & Insight in your startup journey

Theta is one of the more extraordinary brain states one can explore.

In theta, receptivity is heightened; one is able to access knowledge and information that normally lies beyond one’s awareness. Deep Insight is developed to access higher levels of creativity to answer questions that one has been waiting to find an answer.  All the confusions get unravelled. The answers one gets to access are not available in books or from other people.  They are the true answers that reside within one’s own subconscious mind. In theta state it’s common to receive sudden insights and inspiration.

This is the exact state that an entrepreneur, a startup entrepreneur should attain to find answers to numerous questions that arise in his startup journey.  As an emerging leader an entrepreneur should be self-dependent than ever dependent on externalities.  Theta is our inspiration.  We would like to solve puzzles in the startup journey through active collaborations, tools and technologies.

Our Solutions

Business Model Research

Know the performance of a given business model to decide a right business opportunity for your startup.


Get your venture appraised to access funding sources, connect with funding entities and avail our incubation facilities.


Access multidisciplinary talent, connect with them, engage their services, or collaborate with them to brighten your startup vision.


Mentoring is a measure of risk mitigation.  Risk is inevitable in any startup.  Avail the services of our mentors to improve venture’s viability.

Market Intelligence

Markets evolve so quickly that your startup may go unaware of the risks if you don’t have evolving intelligence on market behaviour.  Access the latest research inputs that aid your startup journey.


Lessons learned by your seniors and peers and the best practices in managing your startup makes enormous difference to your startup journey.  Access all such valuable inputs to make your startup plan more robust.

"If the dream is truly yours you don't need to borrow confidence from others"